Get To Know Shamanic Energy Healing Methods

A shaman is a catalyst to enter the sub-conscious of people and change something, which they cannot alter themselves. Shamanism is spiritual alchemy, where the unwanted lead [dense undesired energies] is taken and transformed into gold.

How to become shamanic healer?

Some people are god gifted and need no training. However, others can gain knowledge about it by enrolling in shaman training courses.

Energy healing and the soul

Shamanic healing works with the soul. Soul includes divine energy. It is the spirit of who that individual is without physical characteristics.

Shamanic journey

Soul speaks with images and not words. Shamanic journey is really a tour in your soul, where you listen and converse with innermost aspects suffering from emotional pain. A shaman travels with you together in your soul energy and gathers information needed to heal, outgrow, and transform the suffering parts.

Soul retrieval

The soul is sensitive and delicate, so when some situations frighten them they shatter or turn into pieces. It leaves the body and from outside watches what is happening. Few sensitive people can feel this, when they dream or sleep. After the incident concludes, the fragmented soul parts return inside the body, only if it feels safe or else it does not.

Many people approach shamans for soul retrieval and get their energies in order.

Cutting ties

People in relationships can block one another’s true potential.  Therefore, when you are ending a relationship or leaving job or relocating, cutting energetic ties is the healthiest thing.

Chakra illumination

Old and current emotional energy can block chakra illumination. The longer this emotional energy stays with you the denser it becomes and strengthens the blockages. Chakra illumination session involves removing jammed energies from your aura and aligning your energy anatomy. You can start feeling lighter, balanced, stronger, and optimistic towards